Our Mission: Balancing conservation and development for the wellbeing of future generations

We work at the highest levels of governments and in national parks and protected areas in developing countries around the globe, filling a niche in the conservation arena: building political will and driving policy that is good for people, the economy, and the environment.

How is The ICCF Group run?

The ICCF Group is a non-governmental organization registered as a 501(c)3 under U.S. law. The ICCF Group is the umbrella organization for the ICCF Network of offices around the world. Our headquarters, ICCF, is in Washington, D.C., has its own Board of Directors, and coordinates with our other nonprofit organizations in Latin America, Africa, and Asia, so as to make the global operation run as effectively as possible.

Board of Governors
The ICCF Group

David H. Barron, Chairman
David L. Black, PHD
Greg Carr
Bo Derek
Steve Hayes
Jorie Butler Kent
Hon. Rick Lazio, M.C. (ret.)

Board of Governors
The ICCF Group (Cont'd)

Elizabeth Littlefield
Hon. Connie Mack IV, M.C. (ret.)
George D. O'Neill, Jr.
Dr. Raj Shah
Bill Stiers

Board of Directors
ICCF United States

Hon. John Tanner, M.C. (ret.), Chairman
John Basil Gantt, President
Hon. Connie Mack IV, M.C. (ret.)
Vance G. Martin
Hon. Allen Boyd, M.C. (ret.)
Hon. Lindsaw Thomas, M.C. (ret.)

Senior Staff
ICCF United States

Frédéric Brizzi
Clare Falcone
Todd Koenings
Susan Lylis
Bill Millan
Brian Parham
Daniel Tanner
Carolyn Weis

Our Global Presence

ICCF’s global headquarters is located in Washington, D.C. The ICCF Group has established affiliates in Colombia (ICCF Colombia) and Kenya (ICCF Kenya) and has staff working on the ground in Colombia, Gabon, Kenya, Malawi, Mexico, Mozambique, Peru, Thailand, and Zambia to support caucuses and on-the-ground programs.

The ICCF Group’s International Conservation Corps program has conducted programs on the ground in the Bahamas, China, Colombia, Haiti, Jamaica, Kenya, Mongolia, Peru, and Thailand, with several more projects ongoing and being developed.

ICCF Organizations

From building national parks capacity in Latin America to combating wildlife trafficking in Africa, The ICCF Group works to serve and support governments across the globe.

ICCF United States

ICCF is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit educational foundation that works to advance U.S. leadership in international conservation through public-private partnerships and developing the next generation of Congressional conservation leaders.


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In its mission to educate about issues of conservation worldwide, ICCF has and continues to receive the financial support of its Conservation Council, a collaboration of public and private sector organizations. Our strong record in our commitment toward sound, market-oriented, conservation policies has been, over the past decade, made possible by upholding and applying the highest standards in accountability, effectiveness, and transparency.

ICCF Colombia

ICCF Colombia acts as a secretariat for the leadership of the Colombian Conservation Caucus and the Colombian Oceans Caucus in the Colombian Senate and House of Representatives. In this capacity it brings together leaders at the highest levels of government, business, and the NGO community to encourage congressional leadership in conversation through public-private partnerships. ICCF Colombia sets a pro-business, conservation agenda in Bogota by coordinating people with scientific expertise, organizations that support and manage programs on the ground, businesses that depend heavily on natural resource utilization, and policymaker.


ICCF Peru was established and registered in Lima, Peru, in 2018.

ICCF Kenya

Vision: To provide non-partisan forums for policymakers, non-governmental organizations, and private-sector stakeholders to engage in meaningful dialogues on the value of conservation and natural resource management in securing prosperity for the future of Kenya and its partner nations.

Mission: To build consensus on natural resource management and conservation as a means to promote sustainable development.

Sister Organization:
Conservation Council of Nations


Building the World’s Strongest Network of policymakers, corporations, and NGOs to promote good natural resource wealth management and effective transboundary conservation solutions.

The Conservation Council of Nations was launched in the spring of 2011 out of the collaborative framework and guiding principles of the ICCF. It is a non-profit organization of nation members, within the organizational structure of the ICCF, that provides a unique opportunity for all nations that believe in the critical importance of conservation and the link between good natural resource management and sustainable economic growth to join ICCF’s collaboration of like-minded corporate and NGO partners to help forge bold new conservation solutions.

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