About ICCF

Balancing conservation and development for the wellbeing of future generations

Our mission is to advance conservation governance by building political support and providing on-the-ground solutions.

We work at the highest levels of governments and in national parks and protected areas in developing countries around the globe, filling a niche in the conservation arena: building political will and driving policy that is good for people, the economy, and the environment.

In Capitals

Building political will for the development of nonpartisan caucuses.

A Global Network

17 nonpartisan caucuses in legislatures across the world.

In the Field

Providing on-the-ground solutions, harnessing the American experience.

More and more governments are recognizing the success of, and benefiting from, our parliamentary caucus model, first pioneered in the U.S. Congress and now being replicated in parliaments in Africa, Latin America, and Asia.

Through these caucuses and our International Conservation Corps program - which provides technical assistance to national parks and protected areas around the world - we are driving strong results on a range of issues including combating wildlife trafficking, building the institutional capacity of national parks systems, and ensuring the sustainability of ocean resources.

Our Focus

Four Continents on Four Issues. One Mission with One Network.

From building national parks capacity in Latin America to combating wildlife trafficking in Africa, The ICCF Group works to serve and support governments across the globe.


Ensuring global growth and security

National Parks

Harnessing tourism potential to preserve

Wildlife Trafficking

Putting an end to the African poaching crisis

Responsible Mining

Partnerships toward healthy communities